Masonry Heaters are similar to wood stoves in that it heats the home based on burning charges of wood, but unlike a traditional metal stove, a masonry heater is made of brick or stone. This brick or stone stores the heat and allows it to radiate in a consistent manner over a 12 or 24-hour period.

Many masonry heaters for home use include a pizza oven or bread oven component.  A wood fired bake oven makes phenomenal breads and baked goods.  Larger Bake oven can be created for dedicated baking use.  To see an industrial sized oven in action check out the Bonavista Social Club from Upper Amherst Cove .  Martin Palmer and his crew completed this wood fired bread oven in the winter of 2012.

Below are some masonry heaters and bake ovens Stone Masonry has created in Newfoundland.

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Masonry Heaters & Wood Fired Ovens